‘I Want Love’ for Elton John, 2001

Elton John said of this video, starring a just-out-of-rehab Robert Downey, Jr.:  “I wanted to do a video that was mature. And Sam Taylor-Wood said, ‘I’ve got an idea of just doing it very simply, one person, not you, lip-syncing to the song. An actor, maybe.’ I came up with the idea of Robert. I thought, ‘God, the lyrics are very close to home. I wonder if he'll do it’ He was very interested. It all came together in five or six days. We sent him the album, and he said, ‘Yes.’ I'm thrilled with it…. I love the fact that it is a one-shot video. He did 16 takes. They used the very last take because he was completely relaxed by then. … It's so pertinent to what he's going through, and the way he underplays it is fantastic.”