Love You More, 2007

Two teenagers are drawn together by the Buzzcocks’ single Love You More during the summer of 1978.

This sweet, sexy film is imbued with the spirit of youth and first love. It was produced by the late, great filmmaker Anthony Minghella. Taylor-Johnson said of Minghella, “His role in my life was to put his hand on my back and push me forward.”

Starring Harry Treadaway as Peter, and Andrea Riseborough as Georgia.

Screenplay: Patrick Marber

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

Director of Photography: Seamus McGarvey

Editor: Lisa Gunning

Producers: Katherine Butler, Caroline Harvey, Patrick Marber, Anthony Minghella, Adrian Sturges, Sam Taylor-Johnson

Production Design: Alice Normington

Casting:  Nina Gold

Costume Design:  Julian Day

Nominated for the Palme d’Or, a BAFTA, and an European Film Award. Won Best British Short at the British Independent Film Awards, Short Filmmaking Award – Honorable Mention at the Sundance Film Festival, the Prix UIP Vila do Condo (European Short Film) at the Vila do Condo International Short Film Festival, and another 2 nominations and wins.