Nowhere Boy, 2009

The Extraordinary Untold Story of John Lennon.

As a boy, all John Lennon needed was love.

The two women who, more than anyone else, were responsible for shaping the psyche of John Lennon are the focuses of Taylor-Johnson's first feature film. Nowhere Boy finishes before the Beatles start and gives us a subtle portrait of Lennon as a young man. Raised by his Aunt Mimi after his mother gave him up at the age of 5, John is torn between the stability provided by Mimi and the passionate nature of his mother Julia, who he reconnects with after more than ten years.

Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson as John Lennon, Kristin Scott Thomas as Mimi Smith, and Anne-Marie Duff as Julia Lennon.

Screenplay:  Matt Greenhalgh

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

Director of Photography:  Seamus McGarvey

Editor: Lisa Gunning

Executive Producers: Jon Diamond. Tim Haslam, Christopher Moll, Tessa Ross, Rhodri Thomas, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Mark Woolley

Music: Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory

Production Design: Alice Normington

Casting:  Nina Gold

Costume Design:  Julian Day

Nominated for 4 BAFTA Film Awards, 6 British Independent Film Awards, 3 Empire Awards, UK, and another 7 nominations and wins.